The NextGen Oklahoma Leaders Program Mission

NextGen Oklahoma Leaders fortifies Oklahoma’s efforts to attract and retain members of the GenZ and Millennial generations by identifying and recognizing individuals who are outstanding in their careers and community involvement. Since 2011 the NextGen program has honored more than 2,400 young Oklahomans at annual NextGen Under 30 awards ceremonies. Support for the program continues to grow across the state.

Ambassador Directors

A board of Ambassador Directors meets twice a year (January and July) to consult with the NextGen Oklahoma Leaders central staff to evaluate and plan the leadership and recognition programs. They provide valuable direction regarding the vision, mission, values, and programs offered to Oklahoma’s young adult leaders. Directors are selected from fifteen regions of the state to assure as many perspectives as possible are represented.

Directors are selected from currently serving local ambassadors or from distinguished NextGen Under 30 alumni. The first step is to become a local ambassador. You may apply to become a local ambassador. A member of the central staff will contact you to answer questions and to explain the responsibilities and commitment expected. Apply by completing the attached application.

Thank you for your interest and desire to be involved.

The NextGen Ambassador Program

The NextGen Ambassadors are a volunteer peer-outreach group that encourages the NextGen involvement of individuals across the state. They represent the mission and values of the NextGen Oklahoma Leaders and NextGen Under 30 movements in their communities and to their personal and professional associates.

Ambassadors serve principally as an advisory group from local communities. They provide the essential two-way communication that ensures the NextGen Oklahoma Leaders Program is relevant and improving continuously.

Ambassadors share an optimistic vision of Oklahoma’s future and recognize that it takes effort to realize that vision. Ambassadors encourage nominations in the NextGen Under 30 recognition program and might be offered an opportunity participate in the annual NextGen Under 30 Awards Ceremony on the event team.

Ambassadors help raise interest in NextGen Leaders one-day regional leadership workshops and other events. As these events grow, local ambassadors will have the opportunity to assist with developing and presenting programs in their area.

Apply now to become a NextGen Ambassador

If you’re interested in learning more about the program, please complete the form, and we’ll contact you. We believe you’ll find this new program to be personally rewarding and a valuable contribution to the state of Oklahoma. Although this is a volunteer program, we will compensate you for any activities that cause you to miss work.

Thank you!