Workshop Lawton

Lawton OK - March 3, 2023

Apache Casino Hotel, 2315 E. Gore, Ave. Summit Room

Lawton Agenda

8:30 AM

Check in and informal networking, Summit Room

9:00 AM

Welcome and networking activity

9:30 AM

Leader Mentor Circles

12:00 PM

Lunch and Keynote

1:30 PM

Leadership session: The Way You Will Lead, Garland McWatters Live INPowered

3:30 PM

Networking Break

3:45 PM

Bonus attraction: Live taping of the Spirit of Leading podcast. Be part of the live audience recording with Q&A

4:30 PM


Registration Includes lunch, breaks, and 40-page
participant resource guide.

Individual participant registration $99

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Leader Mentor Circles

Connect in small groups with influential leaders who want to share their wisdom and get to know you.

The Way You Will Lead

Leadership session synopsis

Our thinking style is the way we have learned to live our lives in a way that helps us to get what we want and feel good about who we are. We have learned it through a lifetime of trial and error so that it has become our default behavior.

This session helps identify that default behavior as a brain process that integrates both rational conscious thought and emotional subconscious experience as we have learned to use them. The result is our style. Or as some express it, “As I think, so I am.” Perhaps a more accurate statement is “As I have learned to think, so I have learned to be.”

For purposes of this session, the presumption is we have learned to be a certain style of leader. We first establish each participant’s thinking style through a brief assessment and graph it. Then, we survey the eleven possible leadership patterns and discuss the strengths and challenges of each. As part of the discussion, we will consider how these patterns support each other as well as where points of contention between them can arise.

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